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We offer you bundled expertise

The production of biogas is a complex process that can only be ensured through the interplay of definitive specialised knowledge and the use of functional product solutions. To guarantee the economic operation of your biogas systems it is necessary to constantly question and optimise the individual processes.

TerraVis offers you products that will accompany you from the field to the silo to the fermenter all the way through to energy production.



Location-specific products for cultivating energy plants on your field.

TerraVis Field



Products for practical and low-loss substrate storage in your silo.

TerraVis Silo



Custom products for optimal substrate efficiency in your fermenter.

TerraVis Fermenter



Trouble-free power generation and profitable marketing with GeLa Energie GmbH.

TerraVis Energy



Consultation & Analytics

TerraVis supports and consults you in all the areas that have to be considered for the smooth production of biogas. Your contact person supports you from the field to the silo to the fermenter all the way through to energy production. Additionally, we can perform fermenter analyses or measurements of gas quality for you. Moreover, you can use our TerraVis Check to carry out an evaluation of your system efficiency and substrate efficiency.


System Safety

TerraVis supports you in implementing legal requirements in the fields of operational safety, occupational safety and the documentation of individual systems. After having reviewed the systems documentation and inspected the plant we, furthermore, support you during recurring tests.


Activated Carbon Exchange Service

With the activated carbon exchange service TerraVis offers you proper specialised execution in the exchange of your loaded activated carbon. In doing so, we take on the task of cleaning, exchanging and properly disposing of your loaded activated carbon.



Results Compass for Maize Varieties 2017

Find the right maize variety for your location and improve the performance of your biogas plant. Thanks to our extensive experimentation and the experience we've gathered we can present you with practical results. With that in mind, the plant cultivation experts of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG provide you with an overview of the performance of the individual maize varieties in the results compass for maize varieties.

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